Apartment Renovation in Somerville

In the spring of 2017, I had the opportunity through close friends to help with the design and renovation of a 500 square feet apartment. After making the decision to save money and move into a smaller space in the Boston area, me and my partner helped our friends that own this duplex house do some renovations. With my passion for architecture and interior design, they leaned on my expertise to come up with a design for the kitchen and overall colors of the space.

Before photos of the space below. There was no kitchen and it needed a lot of updating.


I took measurements of the space to create a quick 3D model to show the vision I had for kitchen appliance and use of the living room. We did knock down a small wall to open the space from the kitchen area to the living room.

Screenshot_04 copy.jpg

Below are images of the overall renovations that took place from April 2017 until October 2017. We worked on this project every weekend and some week nights before we moved in to paint everything.

Images enlarge when you click through!


We moved into the apartment in August 2017. We did not finish all the projects before we moved in but we worked through all the details once we living and adjusting to this space.


To maximize storage and seating in the apartment, I designed and built a breakfast nook seat with storage inside. All of our art is hanging on the long walls of the stairs that lead up to the apartment. The best part is all the sun we get in the space that has allowed us to grow our plant collection.


Check out my instagram where keep up with sharing more current photos of the apartment. It feels like a never ending project, in the best way possible.